It may well be that we have had our summer. it has been raining cats and dogs here for the last week. However on the occasions where we do actually have nice weather, we need to make sure we take extra precautions with our furbabies.

Be aware of signs that your pet is overheating (excessive panting, weakness and increased heart rate). Make sure you provide plenty of fresh water for your pets to keep them hydrated and give them a place where they can escape the suns rays.

NEVER leave your dog in the car, not even for short periods with the windows slightly open. Dogs can suffer heatstroke within minutes even if your car in parked out of direct sunlight.

With the hot weather comes the mouthwatering aroma of barbecues…make sure that your dog cannot get into human food, even when they are pleading with those big sad eyes….especially grapes, chocolate, onions or alcoholic drinks.

It is better to walk your dog earlier in the morning before temperatures get too hot and again in the evening when it has cooled down. If you have to walk your dog at the hottest time of the day then make sure that the surface they are walking on will not burn the pads of their feet. Unusual in the UK but it can happen…if its too hot for your bare feet then its too hot for theirs!

Many chemicals we use at this time of year can be toxic  for your pet. Keep them away from insecticides, insect repellents, sunscreen and citronella products.

Fireworks are not just an annual event and are becoming more popular at all different occasions from weddings to parties. Make sure your pet is safe and kept away from fireworks in case they are startled and run off. Ensure your pet is wearing a collar with contact details and that they are chipped and your contact details are up to date with the company.


Why not make some frozen pup-sicles? They are easy to make and will help keep your pets cool. You can even use a Kong toy and fill it with what your pet normally eats and freeze it or create your own recipe for something a bit different. There are lots of recipes on the internet


Have a fantastic June and keep your pups safe and loved xx